The NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme aims to help and support individuals with disability including their families and their caretakers. The NDIS was jointly overseen and funded by Australia and its territories and was widely introduced across the continent in 2016 and saw full implementation back in 2019.

That said, the NDIS works by supporting eligible individuals with disabilities through individualized, customized, or personalized packages. The amount of funding you can get will vary depending on your situation and disability. NDIS can generally be categorized into a 2-step process that’s simple and easy, here’s a quick explanation.

  1. A Plan is Created.

As we’ve briefly covered above, the NDIS offer individualized packages which means that everyone’s plan is different. These plans are tailored to one’s needs based on the difficulties they are experiencing and how they can cope with their disability. Once a plan is drafted, it will be submitted and will then await approval.

  1. Using the Plan.

After you’ve met with your NDIA planner, you will choose your preferred provider to help you manage your plan and put it into action. You can select from a wide range of NDIS consultants & service providers based on your own preference.

Make sure to bear in mind the types of services offered when looking for an NDIS consultant and service provider. Here are a few things you should be looking for.

  • Personal in-home care
  • Support coordination
  • Transport
  • Professional cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Assistance with living arrangements

Can I Manage My NDIS Myself?

Yes, you can manage your NDIS funds yourself. If you’re unable to perform the necessary tasks to carry out your NDIS plan, you can ask assistance from a family member to help you manage your needs. In the event that none of your relatives are available or are capable of managing your NDIS funding, you can either hire a disability services Melbourne provider or work with a consultant and service provider. Based on average data, only 7% of eligible NDIS fund recipients choose to manage their funds themselves while 35% combine self management and agency management and a good 58% are fully managed by an agency.

What Can You Use Your NDIS For?

You can use your NDIS fund to help pay for the things you need to cope with your disability. And because you will have met with an NDIA planner, you can be sure that you can maximize the budget you have because the services you will have to pay for will be tailored to your needs.

Some of what you’ll pay for may include the things you need for mobility, like a wheelchair or a walking stick. If you can still drive but need vehicle modification, you can also pay for it using your NDIS budget. It can also include access to work and education, if home learning is required. You can also use it to pay for therapy, like speech pathology appointments. If you’re having difficulty hearing you can use your NDIS funds for your hearing aid. That said, some of your expenses may not be covered by your NDIS budget, like your general living expenses including your rent, other bills, basic food and entertainment, and direct school and study costs. Your NDIS fund cannot cover costs that have already been funded or partially covered by Medicare. These include x-rays, bloodwork, and your visits to the GP.

How NDIS Works With Other Benefits

Your NDIS funds will cause other benefits to cease as long as it covers the said benefit. Say you’re receiving a mobility allowance, once your NDIS application is approved and the funds have been released, your current mobility allowance will stop and will be replaced by the existing NDIS fund. This way, the funds will not overlap and you won’t have to worry about paying for a service twice.

If you’re receiving any type of income support or child support, your NDIS funds will not cancel them out. Because your NDIS funds are considered as a taxable income, this won’t affect any disability support not covered by your NDIS.


There are currently more than 4.4 million Australians who are living with disabilities. The NDIS was established and set in place because of the perceived lack of disability services and support. The existing ones were deemed unfair and inefficient and thus a reform had to be made. Understanding the ins and outs of NDIS can get you familiarized with its flexible means of individual funding and support system that can be used to pay for your disability support.

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Assistance with Daily Living

Our care support workers provide individuals with disbliity assistance with daily living to support life goals and live the life they want to live. We’re here to support you at home and in the community.


Life Skills

We support people with disabilities for them to accomplish their daily goals by providing necessary life skills. We are here to deliver the best support possible based on your needs.


Carers to Clients

In order to receive the support you need and live as independently as possible, we will work closely with you to choose the ideal person to provide the best caring capability.


Support Coordination

We are here to help people with disability to stregthen their ability to coordinate and implement participation within the community. Find a care or support worker that’s right for you.

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